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Pesticide Applicator Core Tutorial

Pesticide Applicator Core Tutorial


All pesticide applicators should know basic safety and handling rules for pesticide use. The purpose of this tutorial is to help you learn those facts and skills. By reading each module and testing yourself with the questions, you can learn the basics about proper pesticide use.

The tutorial has been designed as a comprehensive information source on pesticides for anyone browsing the WEB.

Tutorial Instructions

Read the goals at the beginning of each module. This will allow you to recognize the most important points.

Throughout each chapter you will have the opportunity to try study questions. Type your answer into the form and then press the "Show Answer" button. The correct answer will be revealed below the question. (This feature works in versions 4 or greater of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer). That way you can check your answer against the correct answer. Clicking "Back" will return you to your spot in the tutorial.

Pesticides are not for the uninformed. To protect people and the environment, pesticide applicators must be knowlegeable!

The Modules can be viewed using any current version of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.  If you have any problems, please contact the PMEP Web Master.  

Module Menu
Pesticide Applicator Certification
State Laws and Regulations
Federal Pesticide Laws
Toxicity of Pesticides
Residue, Tolerance, and Registration
Ecology and Environmental Considerations
Safety Precautions with Pesticides
Personal Protection for the Applicator and Worker
Symptoms of Pesticide Poisoning
First Aid for Pesticide Poisoning
Integrated Pest Management
Types of Pesticides
The Label
Filling and Mixing
Calculations for Mixing Pesticides
Weather-Wise Application
Record Keeping