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Pesticide Applicator Recertification


Fact sheets and notices regarding recertification

Recertification Course Calendar Data Base

The Recertification Course Calendar Database

New York State, certified pesticide applicators must be recertified in each pesticide category or subcategory every three years. Recertification can be achieved by accumulating the amount of continuing education credits required for each category/subcategory. Licensed applicators should only take a course once within a twelve month period. Any course taken more than once within twelve months of each other, will only be counted once and the repeat(s) will be disregarded. Private applicators cannot earn their recertification credits in one calendar year, ONLY commercial applicators on a three year certification cycle can do so. Credits must consist of at least 25 percent category-specific training for each category of certification. Individuals certified in the regulatory and demonstration categories are excluded from 25% category-specific requirement.

It is the responsibility of each certified commercial pesticide applicator to find and attend recertification courses to obtain continuing education credits. Knowing when and where courses are offered is very important to the certified applicator. Because of the diversity of course sponsors, locations, content and other factors, it is difficult for applicators to be in the "know"; however this problem is being addressed on the World Wide Web by the Recertification Course Calendar.

The Recertification Course Calendar is a "warehouse" for pesticide applicator courses. The Information for this listing originates with the course sponsor. The sponsor completes an application for "Recertification Credits" and submits it to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for approval. After approval, a course description is sent to the Pesticide Management Education Program (PMEP) at Cornell University. This data is then made accessible through the PMEP Web page.

PMEP LogoThe Pesticide Management Education Program's (PMEP) Distance Learning Center

This site is home to on-line pesticide applicator courses produced by Cornell Cooperative Extension. Each one qualifies for New York DEC recertification credits.

Core courses are based on the core applicator curriculum found in the Core manual. Credits from these can be used by all certified applicators for their recertification.

Category courses contain information for specific certification categories such as Private vegetable farmers (23) or Commercial Ag and Plant applicators (1a).

Click on the link above to look over the available courses.



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