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Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP)
Part of the Pesticide Management Education Program
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Technician Requirements

  1. Technicians may apply pesticides only in their category or subcategory of certification A certified technician must have in their custody a copy of the label for each pesticide being used and must make each label available for inspection upon request of the department.

  2. On-site direct supervision by a fully certified applicator is required when technicians:

    1. engage in the subsurface ground application of termiticides, the surface application of termiticides to exposed soil in basements and crawl spaces, and the placement pesticide in voids of masonry foundations;

    2. apply fumigants, the application must be made under the direct observation and instruction of the certified applicator, except when using fumigants classified as general use that are applied to in-place utility poles;

    3. apply pesticides with a label requiring on-site supervision;

    4. apply aquatic pesticides to any surface waters of the State classified pursuant to Article 17 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law, except on-site supervision is not required for permitted applications of microbial pesticides to control aquatic pests as defined in paragraph 325.7(a)(7);

  3. On-site direct supervision requires the certified pesticide applicator to be physically present at the application site and within voice contact of the technician being supervised,

  4. A registered business using pesticides in Category 7 - Industrial, Institutional, or Structural, Category 5 - Aquatics; Category 1 - Agriculture; or businesses applying pesticides by aircraft must employ at least one certified commercial pesticide applicator, certified in these categories.

  5. Off-site, direct supervision is allowed when a technician applies restricted use pesticides other than those requiring on-site supervision or those applied by aircraft. When a technician applies pesticides by aircraft they must maintain radio contact with the certified applicator. You may apply most general use pesticides without supervision.

  6. Technicians are required to work under the direct supervision of a certified pesticide applicator when applying restricted use pesticides.

  7. Your technician certification card must be in your possession during pesticide applications.

  8. Technicians may not supervise apprentices or any other person applying pesticides.

  9. A technician is responsible for reporting all commercial pesticide applications the technician makes each calendar year, as required by the Pesticide Reporting Law.

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